Isle of Dogs frequently asked questions

Isle of Dogs frequently asked questions

How do your color enhancers work and why aren't they available in the other products?

Our color enhancers work similarly to “chalking” a dog. The EPO oil works as a prechalk application and helps hold the optical enhancers in the coat. The colors within the shampoo won't dye the coat as all are water soluble. If you allow time for the oil to penetrate the hair, the oil will help the color cling to the coat. Again, this is not a dying process. It will brush or wash out of the coat over time. We could put color enhancers in the other products, but the truth is that without the oil, they would just wash right back out of the hair when you rinsed.


Which of your products would be most like a clarifying shampoo?

Clarifying shampoos are needed to help rid the coat of product build up that happens over time. Build up happens with styling products as well as conditioners contained in some shampoos and the coat management conditioners. No. 34 is the Clarifying shampoo. No. 20 Royal Jelly and No. 33 Coarse Coat Shampoos DO NOT contain conditioners in them.


What is Royal Jelly and why is it beneficial to my dog's coat?

As explained elsewhere in this website, Royal Jelly is the food of the Queen Bee. It is one of the purest forms of protein available in nature. Research has shown that feeding the hair follicle with this protein will encourage hair regeneration. It is important to remember that genetics and environment play a bigger role in hair growth than anything else. We will not promise to grow hair where it can't be grown. We can, however, encourage growth that will occur anyway. Additionally, our No. 20 Royal Jelly shampoo aids in volumizing the existing coat, giving the appearance of a fuller, healthier coat.


What is Evening Primrose Oil and why is it beneficial to my dog's coat?

Also explained elsewhere in this website, Evening Primrose Oil is an essential oil found to contain a natural source of fatty acids. Fatty acids are lubricants that are often less oily or greasy than vegetable oils, lanolin, or mineral oil, and therefore, give the hair a soft feel without making it feel heavy or thick. Isle of Dogs products deliver pure cold­pressed evening primrose oil to the skin and coat.


Are your shampoo products dilutive?

Dilution ratios are subjective at best. Every shampoo product is diluted when the dog you are applying it to has been wet down. The reason Isle of Dogs recommends using our products full strength is so your dog will receive the most benefit from ingredients we consider important for the health of the skin and coat. That said, certain breeds of dogs have coat types that are very difficult to

penetrate without use of large amounts of water. In such cases, it is acceptable to dilute our products 10 parts water to 1 part shampoo.


Are your conditioners designed to rinse out, stay in the coat or be used full strength?

Conditioners are used to help make the hair easier to comb, protect the hair from damage caused by styling aids, add shine and soften the coat. How you use the product will have a direct impact on the desired outcome. Both our light and heavy management conditioners may be used full strength, diluted or even partially left in. The heavier the product the more the coat will lie down. For owners that don't want their dogs' coats to lie down, it may still be necessary to protect the coat from damage. Using a shampoo such as Royal Jelly will rinse the conditioners out and add volume back into the coat.


Why do you recommend conditioners for coarse or harsh coated breeds?

As mentioned above, even coarse or harsh coated breeds need occasional conditioning to protect the hair follicle from being damaged during the use of styling products and aids. The conditioners will only stay in the coat until the next bath.


Does the Coarse Coat shampoo really NOT soften the coat?

Conditioning ingredients are what soften the coat. There are no such ingredients in our Coarse Coat shampoo. It is important to the health of all dogs to be bathed. Suggesting that bathing your coarse or harsh­coated dog will soften the coat is simply not true. Our product will clean the hair and skin of debris and leftover styling products that can build up over time and cause the coat to look dull or heavy.


Does Royal Jelly cause “fly­away” hair?

There are no conditioning agents in the No. 20 Royal Jelly shampoo. It is designed to rebuild and volumize the coat. It should not cause the frizzies or fly­away hair. More likely the lack of humidity in the air will cause such things. For a dog with fly­away hair or static, we recommend either the No. 62 Evening Primrose Oil Conditioning Mist where the oil will help the coat lie down or the No. 63 Detangle Conditioning Mist, which contains silicone which is perfect for the frizzies or bad­hair days.


Which of your products aids in static control?

Static is most often caused by a lack of moisture in the environment. Both of our sprays will help combat static in two ways. The No. 62 Evening Primrose Oil Conditioning Mist will put oil into the coat which adds weight and helps hold in necessary moisture. Our No. 63 Detangle Conditioning Mist uses silicone that aids in static control without adding weight.



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